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Agriculture & Farm Textiles

Innovation with inspiration

Our Agriculture Textiles are not just a source of protection for crops and poultry but also an inspiration from mother Nature. 

Nonwovens As Crop Covers.

We provide a crop cover fabric that is a stabilized spun-bond Poly Polypropylene fabric weighs in the range of 0.3 to 1 ounce per square yard. Most vegetables respond well to the use of floating row covers of nonwoven materials. Our Covers can be stored and sometimes put back in the fall to protect the fruit or vegetables from an early frost. Early yields bring more dollars per pound for the farmer, and higher yields result in more total revenue.

Floating row covers for Strawberries

Strawberries are a crop for which early and total yields have been enhanced by our floating row covers. They can be protected with row covers down to 22°F to 24°F, depending on wind speed and freeze duration. Tree seedlings and nursery stock also benefit from use of row covers, which prevent the heaving of seedlings by hoarfrost as well.

Nonwovens As Landscaping Fabrics
Our Poly Polypropylene spun-bond nonwovens are used for landscaping fabrics. They include nonwovens for,    soil retention and weed control for landscaped areas and gardens, soil retention for retaining walls made of timber, weed control under decks,   brick walkway and patio support,    planter and pot drainage, linings for interceptor trench drains and protection for newly seeded areas.

Woven Polyolefin-Agrotextiles

Our woven Agro-Textiles include Polypropylene (PP) woven shade cloth fabrics formulated with additives and pigments to provide resistance to sunlight and weathering, side curtains for wooden poultry houses to provide ventilation, yet protect birds from foul weather, extrusion-coated PP fabrics for hog houses, white woven PP fabric for barn wall siding of sheds in farms as a way to add ventilation and reduce building costs and insect screening fabrics for greenhouses.

Netting products

Our Extruded netting products are good for errosion control, turf grass reinforcement, Bird-nets  to protect grapes, blueberries, strawberries and cherries etc. and soil reinforcemts.

Capillary mats for greenhouses & Irrigation system
Our needlepunched Poly Propylene fabrics for use under growing plants in greenhouses, saturates easily by capillary action, and helps to keep the plants moist and to raise the humidity level in the greenhouse. Our Capillary mats are lighter in weight; has higher wet strength; with resistance to rot, mildew and chemicals; ease of cutting and shaping to table size; quick absorption of water and quick wicking action; crush resistance; and reversibility. Our irrigation system is a high-density Poly ethylene in tubular form to efficiently irrigate planting areas. The tubing can be layered beside plant stems or buried under several inches of soil for uniform continuous watering of the root zone. The system can also be used to deliver plant nutrients and insecticides.

Fabric For Harvesting Better Bananas
We provide spun-bond non woven fabric bags  to protect banana bunches on the tree against physical external damage, diseases and pests without the use of insecticides. Our studies proved that bananas covered by our spun-bound fabrics, has enhanced fruit coloration and better distribution of the fruits in the bunch from the top to bottom, in addition to being protected from insects. Our  banana bags are reusable, if handled and stored properly.

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