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Fibers, Yarns & Fabrics

Innovation, sustainability and affordability

Fibers, yarns & fabrics: Welcome

Fibers and Yarns

Innovation with Sustainability

At Veggatex International we offer Sustainable Fibres and Yarns. We are dealing in Cotton Fibres and Yarn, blended Yarn and specialty Fibres and Yarns. We offer 100% Cotton Fibres and Yarn ranging from Ne 6/1 to Ne 100/1, Polyester Fibres and Yarn, Polyester Cotton blended Yarns including PC and CVC, Polyester Viscose blended Yarns, Jute Yarns and novelty Yarns including chenille Yarn etc.
Our speciality Fibers and Yarns include ( Silk, Remie, Flax, Hemp, Metalic Yarns, Polymeric Yarns, Functional Polyester, PLA, Conductive Yarns, Reflective Yarns and Elastanes. To learn more about range of our innovative and sustainable Fibres and Yarns please contact.

Fibers, yarns & fabrics: Production


Innovation with affordability

At Veggatex International we offer a wide range of both knitted and woven Fabrics. Our Fabrics include grieg Fabric, finished Fabric, yarn dyed Fabric, solid dyed Fabric and specialty Fabrics. Our specialty Fabrics include ( 100% cotton Liquid Ammonia mercerized easy care Fabrics, Silk, Remie, Flax, Hemp, Mesh Fabrics for sportswear, Spacer Fabrics for footwear, Functional Fabrics, Conductive Fabrics, Reflective Fabrics and Stretch Fabrics. To learn more about our highly innovative Fabrics please contact.

Fibers, yarns & fabrics: Production
Fabric Rolls

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