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Health Care & Hygiene Textiles

Innovation with Extreme Care

Our Health care and Hygiene Textiles are medical grade textiles and personal protective equipment (PPE) which are used for first aid, clinical, surgical and hygienic purposes. Those include infection prevention medical grade textiles, face masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks & raw material, non-woven head cap, medical grade laminated non-woven surgical gown & personal protective gown, gloves, diapers & sanitary products and cotton gauze.

Non-Woven fabrics & Mask Material

We are dealing in PP spun-bond non-woven breathable fabric (18-60 GSM)

& BFE 99% melt-blown non-woven filter fabric for middle layer of surgical mask. We can supply ear loop and nose wire materials and packing material.


Vegga Baby (Naturally colored cotton baby garment for skin rash prevention)

Vegga baby is our one of its kind baby garment. Vegga baby was born in Hong Kong when a Father, PhD in (Textiles & Clothing) came across a skin rash problem his two months old daughter was suffering from. Upon laboratory testing, the Father realized that the main culprits are the residual chemicals of the fabric processing causing the tender soul to suffer with the pain and itchiness of skin rash.  Therefore, the scientist father decided to develop  a baby garment free of dyestuff and chose the naturally colored cotton. Different with generic colored cotton, naturally colored cotton is as pure as nature. It keeps the natural brown color itself. Because no dyeing or any other chemical processing was used it is 100% chemical free. No chemical processing means that there is no possibility of the residual aromatic amine from the dyeing stuff. Therefore, it is  skin friendly causing no rashes and skin itchiness. In addition, it does not undergo bleaching process making it 100% fluorescent free. 

Health Care & Hygiene Textiles: Products
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