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How to choose perfect garment for a new born!

Giving the perfect gift for a new baby can be a daunting process – adorable, yet daunting. Finding that special something to take the new arrival from birth and beyond is no easy task. While buying garment for a new born, many parents do not consider practicality, which is why they so easily get sucked into buying what’s cute instead of what will actually fit ergonomically or protect a baby from the elements. Here are the Top 3 features a garment for a new born must have

1. Comfort (Feel of the garment)

2. Skin friendly (Stitching details, embroidered cartoon or stiff printing)

3. Design Flexibility (Easy to put on and put off)

Let’s discuss the details of each attribute briefly.

1. Comfort (Feel of the garment)

What is comfort of a garment? Obviously there are a number of factors to be considered while talking about the comfort of the garment. However the most laymen definition might be like “Comfort means that how is the sensation produced by the fabric when it touches our skin”. Is it a harsh feeling? Is it irritating or something not good in the sense of feeling? Now this sensation depends on several factors and most important are the material, structure and surface of the fabric. In general, natural materials such as cashmere, cotton, linen, silk, wool or hemp are more comfortable. In terms of fabric structure, generally speaking a fabric with more open or breathable structure is better for summer clothing however a more closed structure that can act as insulating layer and traps the body heat is more suitable for winter clothing. Therefore buying natural clothing is always a better choice.

“Though it can be more expensive than purchasing regular ones but your body and the environment will thank you for making that important switch”.

2. Skin friendly (Embroidered cartoon or stiff printing)

Is it a harsh feeling? Is it irritating or something not good in the sense of feeling? Off course it depends on the material also but if chosen natural material then this largely depends upon the fabric surface finish and/or printing and garment stitching details and/or embroidery on the garment. Before buying comfortable clothing for an infant a mom must ask this question to herself “Does an Infant need a sharp dyed and an embroidered cartoon or stiff printing on the sleep suit to have a peaceful sleep?” The answer is obviously a big No. Then why choose baby clothes that is passed through extensive chemical dyeing/coloring process and has skin irritating embroidered or stiff printed cartoon character. The infant doesn’t even know about those characters and cannot be benefited from them in any sense. Therefore an infant’s mom should go for as simple and chemical free as possible fabrics and clothing since these are better choices compared with dyed and embroidered and/ or printed fabrics and clothing.

“Make a conscious decision to only purchase chemical free clothing”.

3. Ergonomically and Flexible Design (Stitching details, Easy to put on and put off

Another important consideration that must be taken into account is if the garment is ergonomically designed and flexible in terms of using. The first thing to consider is the ergonomic of the garment. It means that is the garment capable of adjusting itself according to the body contours during movement? If a garment is not ergonomically designed it will restrict the movements of the joint parts of the body causing discomfort. The second consideration in terms of design of an infant clothing is the ease of putting on and punting off the garment in need. A garment must have a fastening or closing mechanism at garment front and it must be extended to the whole length of the garment or at least up to more than a half-length. For example “ZIPPERS OR SNAP AND RING BUTTONS”. Snap and Ring button closure is more comfortable both for kid as well as for mom. In first place, the back of the button is not irritating and there is no chances of baby’s tender skin getting caught in which can happen in case of ZIPPERS closures. Secondly, it is easier to change the nappy of the infant by just opening the buttons at the bottom of the garment while keeping the torso or chest part of the baby still closed, which can be very promising to avoid baby’s body to be unnecessarily exposed to weather conditions. Another important consideration is stitching details of the garment especially on the inner side that is in contact with the skin. The type of stitching used for baby garment must not be tweaking or pinching to the skin especially around the neck and armholes. In addition the raw edges must be secured and must give a soft feeling when come in contact with the baby’s tender skin. “

Always chose ergonomically designed garment with very soft and fine stitching details around neck and armhole having snap and ring front closures extended to at least more than half of the length of the garment”.

Why chose Vegga Baby?

1. Natural Material and Chemical Free: Vegga Baby is made of naturally colored cotton. Different with generic colored cotton, naturally colored cotton is as pure as nature. It keeps the natural brown color itself. Because no dyeing or any other chemical processing was used it is 100% chemical free. No chemical processing means that there is no possibility of the residual carcinogenic aromatic amine from the dyeing stuff. Therefore, it is non-carcinogenic and skin friendly causing no rashes and skin itchiness. In addition, it does not undergo bleaching process making it 100% fluorescent free.

2. As simple and Pure as Nature: Vegga baby is as simple and pure as nature no chemical processing harsh printing or embroidery of cartoon character. This makes it more than a natural product and extremely skin friendly.

Simple and Pure Vegga Baby Garment

Extremely soft fabric

3. Ergonomically designed with flexibility: Vegga baby is ergonomically designed and super flexible. It has very soft and fine stitching details around the neck and armholes and Snap and Ring enclosure that is extended to the full length of the garment.

Ergonomically designed

“Vegga baby really wraps your baby in warmth of love with extreme care”.

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