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Chicky yet comfortable

Our Classical Denim also known as Rigid Denim, is a heavy woven fabric made from 100% cotton and coarse indigo dyed warp and un-dyed weft yarn. It is high density fabric with a high mass per unit area and a 3/1 or 2/1- twill weave construction. It is available in attractive indigo blue shades and is made for a variety of applications and in a wide range of qualities and shades. Besides Classical indigo blue, we also offer Denim dyed in other fashion shades, washes and colors, the most popular being black Denim. 
Our Stretchable Denim made from combinations of spandex and cotton or other yarns is chicky, comfortable, fashionable, affordable and durable and popular in all age groups.
Our Denim is available in different weight ranges from 3 – 14 oz/sq yds  including both Classical Rigid and Stretchable.
“Let’s give a chicly look to your Denim with veggatex International”

Denim: Product
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